Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Baby, It's Hot Outside!

Blueberry bushes and an artichoke
 Remember last week, when we were all lamenting the lateness of spring?  Wasn't it just two weeks ago that it snowed?  Well, when the gods want to punish you, they answer your prayers!  It's 84 outside right now, too hot to plant a garden but that's just what I did today.
  Two weeks ago, some dear friends who garden for a living brought me two beautiful blueberry bushes, and those guys needed to go in the ground today!  So, I plowed up the garden I'd made three years ago, tilled it four times, added garden soil and tilled it again.  I bought six different tomato plants and some peppers, and put them in the ground, too.
  The rest of the garden will be from seed, and won't go in until tomorrow.  I need to cool off and take a shower!  Whew!  Someone stinks around here!

Lots of tomatoes!

No weaving this week, just a lot of work and some serious knitting.  I'm about up to the elbows on the hot pink sleeves, and started a new little number.  Several years ago, a man donated his late wife's collection of Harrisville Shetland yarn, and I got six cones of lavender.  I've made a rug with some of it, but have plenty left.  I got this issue of KnitWear, a new knitting magazine that I love, and here is a pattern using that very yarn.  It's a simple cable twist all over, a pattern I can look at once a row and keep going without further reference.  Not quite t.v.-friendly, but not bad,  Great for the front porch and a frosty adult beverage in the evening!
  An update on Lee's Surrender on Bertha:  After I got everything tied on and tied up (sounds racy, doesn't it?), I found two threading errors in the tabby rows.  I was too tired to fix them, so they'll be waiting for me next Tuesday.
  Until then, Happy Spring!


LA said...

It is a little warm outside....but I'm not complaining.....yet!!! I'm glad you got your garden started.

Tina J said...

I love the look of a garden in spring, all freshly tilled and full of promise!

Bonnie said...

Glad you got a lot done on the garden. That yarn is such a nice color. How interesting that pattern is. Can't wait to see finished item.