Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sometimes, It Takes A Village

 As Carol wrote in her blog yesterday, she spent the weekend at Fiber Forum at Arrowmont.  She brought her woven sampler for us to see today at the Center.

  Then, it's time to see how much we can get done while we're at the Center!
  Carl was hard at work on the next rug in the re-weave project.
  Maggie launched into tying on her warp once the lease sticks were removed.  Andy is still working on her tangle.......

.....Christy and Cindy worked on the tangle, too!


  Allan went to Bonnie's loom to help out with her warp.  She's all threaded and got wound on today.  Of course, there was a tangle!!!!

Marie got her strips cut, and started in on her runner again.  I thinks she's about ready to change prints!!!

  And, no Tuesday is complete without a weaver under a loom!  Someone has to tie up the treadles!

  Barbara was able to join us today, and it's always fun to see what's new on the looms!

  Then, back to that tangle again!  And, Bonnie joined in to help out.

  And, this was our prize for being such good little weavers today:  Ms. Ila made us cup cakes!


It's a group effort....what can you say????

Happy Weaving,


Bonnie said...

So great to be back and see what everybody is working on. A great group.

Tina J said...

Sorry I missed all the fun! See you in a couple of weeks

Theresa said...

And what a wonderful weaving village you all got there! Looks like a fun time, but then again, it always does!