Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Up Close and Personal!

It is my turn to give you an idea of what goes on at the Appalachian Arts Craft Center, of Norris Tn, on Tuesday, from the hours of 10 - 2!  It was again a relatively small group today, but the sun was smiling at us this week!

I thought I might give you an up close and personal look of what is on the different looms.  Everyone is working on something different, from something as small as Christy's bookmarks woven on an inkle loom, that rests on your lap or a table, to the rugs that Carl and Ann do on the huge barn looms in the corner of the room!

 Eiko is weaving away on this beautiful scarf.  She is weaving on a Schacht Wolf Pup, and using 2 shuttles to weave this pattern.
La donna, is weaving with knitting yarns on her rigid heddle loom that she brought from home.
Ann is weaving rugs, on the rocker beater, using a black warp of 8/4 cotton and she is getting this really cool pattern by using............
 this really cool selvedge edge that came on a spool!  I never would have thought to do it!  It so interesting to watch the weft rotate when she beats it in!  She says that she thinks it is going to look one way and it rotates to show a different face entirely!
Miss Ila is also weaving on a wolf pup, and she is using once again a beautifully complicated treadling sequence!

 Christy is planning her next Inkle loom warp.  She brought in several really different yarns to put together.  I didn't get a picture of it before she left, so we will have to make do with some in progress pics.

Carl is working on a huge 200 + year old barn loom in the corner.  He is actually re - weaving several blue jean rugs for a couple of customers.  We take the old rugs apart, throw on a wool warp, this time 16 yards or so, and use the old weft to weave new rugs.  The original rugs have got to be 20 years old at least!  The customers were thrilled to learn that we could re-do these rugs!

Betsy is weaving on a table loom, she is weaving with 8/4 carpet warp.  She put together a beautifully striped warp, and is having a ton of fun weaving a twill pattern for her placemats.

 Here is a shot of the plastic bag rug I wove last week, on the Studio loom.  This poly/cotton warp is on the 4 harness Studio Loom.
A shot of the hem.

I  Think that Pat is not sure if this black placemat/runner warp will ever end!   We did put on 60 yards!

A Baby Wolf is being used this time to weave up these lovely towels.  Cindy had some help getting the warp on the loom, but she is having so much fun weaving this wonderful pattern!

 Lou Ann and I came in last Friday, to finish getting this warp loaded onto the 12 harness Macomber.  She is going to be using 8 harnesses to do a turned twill pattern, stay tuned to see what she has come up with.
 While Lou Anns back was turned Marie said quick, where is the camera!  You see, it is usually Lou Ann that gets all the glamour shots of the rest of us!  We thought it was only right to return the favor!
Marie is weaving on the Norwood, on a multi colored warp.  We put 60 yards on this loom too!  But aren't they lovely placemats?
Remember that rug that Carl was re weaving?  He had finished weaving it by lunch time!  We cut it off and I tied the fringe knots, Carol put the tag on it, and set the price for us.  I called the customer, and took the rug upstairs for him to pick up sometime this week.

There are several more looms in the room that escaped my camera today,  Bonnie has something going on her loom, Lanny has hand towels using variegated cotton flake, Maggie has the 60 inch Leclerc ready to tie on and start weaving, there is the white warp with Ellen's pattern placemats/runners, I somehow managed to miss a picture of the rug that Linda was weaving on the Studio loom, and Andy will be winding her warp onto the small Macomber next week.

We had a visitor today, she was traveling through the area, and just happened to stop by the Center today, when the weavers are working.  The noise we make when we are in residence can be deafening, and today, even though we were not in full force, was no exception!  This visitor came cautiously down the stairs to see what was going on!  Turns out she studied weaving back in college.  In fact I believe she said it was her major!  She even had a loom at home that she hadn't touched in years!  We encouraged her to give it another try, and to be sure and come see us again sometime, to show us what she had woven on that loom!

We love visitors, come by on a Tuesday and see us!

Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina for all


LA said...

Wow! There was a lot going on...and I missed it while I was removing those hooks and counting threads!

Bonnie said...

Lots of beautiful stuff being woven. Hope to see you all next week.

Theresa said...

Wow, there is so much lovely weaving going on there it leaves me breathless. Not only quality weaving but some serious quantity too.And so nice to Lou Ann, even if it was crawling around by a loom. But then again, appropriate. :)

Maggie said...

AT last, LouAnn under a loom! What a lot of loveliness is in progress.