Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Why Can't Knitting Be More Like Weaving?

 When I learned to weave, I was absolutely blown away by the fact that I was making fabric.  I'd been a long-time purchaser of fabric.  I loved to cut it out and make it into other things, but I'd never thought it was possible to make the fabric myself.  It was magical, and I was hooked.  I even gave up quilting, because cutting fabric up into little pieces, only to have to sew it back together didn't excite me anymore.
Then one night, I was sitting at the table at my mother's and my old knitting group when Mom said, "Well, you know, knitting is just another way to make fabric."  I was dumb struck!  She was right!  It was just a much slower, much more tedious yet unique way to make fabric.
  I love to knit, just as much as I love to weave, but I am constantly struck by how long it takes to make, say, a sleeve.  I'm making two at once for the hot pink sweater, because I'm making up the pattern as I go along and don't want to keep notes on how one was made, then have to duplicate it.  And it's taking a long time.  The left front is done, and all I need now are sleeves to put the whole business together, but it just seems to take forever.  After all, a row is only 1/8" long!  And the sleeves need to be about 17" long.  What's 8 times 17?  About a week!  If I have time to knit this week, that it.  I start my new job at the Home Depot Friday, and work doubles all weekend, baking in the morning and watering plants in the evening.
  No time left for weaving, but that's okay, because one row on the scarf is also about 1/8" inch, yet takes a second, as opposed to five minutes on the sleeves.  The drawback is that I can't watch television and weave.  No craft is perfect, is it?
  A busy week ahead, but I hope to join my weaving friends on Tuesday.  If the sleeves are done by then, you'll read about it here!  Until then, happy fabric making, however you choose to make it!


LA said...

It's all fiber....and that's what we LOVE! I can't wait to see that sweater all together!

Tina J said...

We missed you this week! I count my knitting as my kind of slow cloth, it slows my jangled nerves, and sooths my mind as nothing else can do!

Bonnie said...

I can't wait to see that sweater. Right, it is all fabric.