Monday, April 1, 2013

Fly a Few Miles....

I flew a "few" miles on Thursday and came back to spring. They did have some snow here while I was gone but it didn't stick around long and spring is back in action.
Yesterday I was in and out of the kitchen. I know that in the morning the tree outside my window was just as brown as could be. By afternoon, there was a noticeable change. The buds on the redbud trees are about to pop open!!
The pear trees are in full bloom in the area but I don't have one in my yard. I do, however, have redbuds. They will be so pretty for the next week or two!!
 Last Wednesday and Thursday morning we woke to a gorgeous view. There was some fog in the area too but not a serious problem. This kind of scene I've only seen in Knoxville about twice in the many years we've lived here. Probably a good thing that this was while I was still in Canada!!
 It was just gorgeous to see and I grabbed the camera. What I couldn't capture was that as the frost fell off of the trees, it was like a blizzard of snow falling.  By mid morning it was gone but had been so nice.
 So I'm back down here in spring but my sister is up there dealing with the snow. The temperatures are going above freezing as well, slowly but surely. She is busy digging ditches in the snow and ice trying to create channels for the water to flow away from her driveway and onto the back alley. I know that they moved some snow yesterday from around the house. I hope they finish that today so that as it melts it'll head to the street and not to her basement!
Of course there's no guarantee that they won't get another snow storm but here's hoping that this is it.

I had 2 rugs left on the loom to weave when I got back. Here they are:
This one is so cheerful! The warp is multi colored and the colors I wove into it just pick it up. I'll be hemming the rugs when I get a chance.
 I ran out of cheerful colors and I have no more colorful loopers left so this one is natural. The colors of the warp show up between the naturals of the weft. This rug is fairly heavy since the weft was more substantial than some of the ones I've used!
I am gearing back up for production. My yarn order came and I'm ready to wind a warp later today. However, I don't think I"ll get much done this week. On Thursday the South East Fiber Forum Association conference begins at Arrowmont. I signed up to take a class on turned beiderwand. It sounds like it's going to be an interesting class with us bringing weights, clamps and water bottles, dealing with 2 warps at a time on the loom and the excitement of a new weave structure!
Should be a blast, meeting new people and taking some of the Tuesday Weavers along to take classes as well. I'll take my camera....
Until next week, I'm glad to say Keep Weaving!!


LA said...

It's looking like you brought the Spring when you flew South! Now everything is starting to bud out!

Tina J said...

Welcome back! Love the rugs!

Bonnie said...

The rugs really look nice. Glad that you are back.