Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday's Horoscope

  I had been making notes about my blog for today since Thursday know...clever little thoughts about weaving and the holidays and getting things done.  When I got back from the post office this morning, I opened up the newspaper, and what to my wondering eyes should see:

  "Try to keep pace with your work, because there is a strong chance things could quickly get out of hand."

  Would that be referring to the fact that my Christmas tree is only decorated on the bottom half?  We are doing the Hogwarts Yule Ball for our Christmas theme this year, so my Gryffindor ornament was put on the tree first.  That's my kids (c. 1985) when they were part of the Nativity Pageant.

Could they know that I haven't finished my goodies for the family get-together next Saturday and the box I've got to mail to my brother in Texas?

  The top is Tablet made from a recipe from my niece's Scottish mother-in-law.  The bottom pan is Graham Cracker Candy which is like a pecan Heath bar without the chocolate.  There's still Red Velvet Cookies to make.

Maybe it could be that looper rug I'm weaving for the guy at the Mill who wanted one for his kitty.

  I swear it takes longer to make a chain of loopers than it does to weave them in!!!  As you read in Tina's post yesterday, we worked on the loopers here Wednesday.  I'm just using the white/natural ones with a black one here and there.  And, although I would love to dye some for another rug, that is going to wait until after Christmas!

  Ha!  I bet it's referring to my brainstorm project!!!!  You know, one of those "Wouldn't it be a great present if..." projects that pop in your head and you just can't wait to try it out!

  No hints'll just have to wait and see.

 So, now, I think I'll get off the computer, lay out the cream cheese to soften, and start my laundry. 
  I can weave while the clothes are washing,
  mix up the dough,
  put the clothes in the dryer,
  bake cookies,
  finish trimming the tree,
  and maybe thread the new project.

Hummmmmmmmmmm......that sounds like a solid plan.
Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Looks good. A great plan for the day.

Maggie said...

That's a lot to do for a Saturday! I like the rug with the sporadic black bits.

Tina J said...

Love the rug! I think that it is a good solid plan of action.

Theresa said...

How did it work out for you LouAnn? You sure do have a full plate of activities planned and I can hardly wait to see what that warp becomes.
Oh man cookies with cream cheese, sounds yummy.