Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Little Bit of Weaving Goes Around The World

Sorry to have been away so long. Life for me was just a bit out of control for the last few weeks - nothing bad - just too busy. On Monday, the day after Christmas, I put my seventeen year old daughter on a plane to Brazil. She was traveling solo and will be there at an international camp for 4 weeks.

The holidays and times of transition seem to lead to lots of reflection. Seventeen years ago yesterday this picture of my mother and daughter was taken.

That would be our last visit. The following week my mother died unexpectantly. This picture is one of most precious possessions. I know that my mother would be very proud of my daughter and the young woman that she is becoming.

A blink of an eye and seventeen years later I am putting that little baby girl on an airplane trusting that the people who are supposed to greet her at the other end will actually be there. This morning I saw pictures on a camp blog of her smiling face and know all is well. One of the other things I saw on the blog was several of her new young friends wearing the friendship bracelets that my daughter wove on my inlke loom before she left.

Unfortunately, the picture I stole from the camp blog is blurry so you can't really see the bracelet - but I know it is there.

These bracelets left Knoxville on December 26th and will be distributed in Brazil over the next four weeks. By the end of January they will be in Brazil, Denver, Argentina, Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Sweden, Norway, India, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. A little bit of weaving and lots of love goes around the world.

The love goes across the generations, too.

Be well - Happy New Year to all,


Bonnie said...

Glad that your daughter made it just fine. Nice bracelets. The picture is a treasure.

LA said...

We give them roots and wings....and it sounds like you have done your job very well!!!

Tina J said...

I am so glad you can see her precious face in blog land. I know it made your day!

Theresa said...

Oh Ann, what memories. And sending your daughter off to such a far away place, certainly a learning experience for both of you. As LA said, roots and wings.