Friday, December 30, 2011

In with the New!

I figured I would skip the "Out with the Old" part, since I plan on finishing several projects that are still UFO's.  This Christmas the adult kids suggested that we buy gifts only for the children.  Dear One added that he thought everyone should buy themselves something, wrap it an put it under the tree for Christmas morning!  This was received well by all, including me.
I took advantage of an end of the year sock yarn grab bag at Little Knits, online yarn store.  For about $6 a skein you get 10 skeins of sock yarn!  They choose the colors for you, so I figured it would really be a surprise when I opened it.  Unfortunately it did not arrive before Christmas, but yesterday, when it came, was just like second Christmas!

Here they are, and I like all of them, which really surprised me!  My in town Daughter will get to pick one as a replacement for the one I borrowed from her.

Now comes the fun part, I get to match these yarns with different sock patterns on, and get started on my own personal  "A Pair of Socks per Month Club"   I still need to pick up a couple of skeins to make 12 but I think I have enough yarn to work with for now.

On, I have gone through many pages of sock patterns, and I have put several in my queue, to start soon.  Most of them are for the self stripping yarn, and they have really clever ways to use that yarn to it's potential, and not just do the plain self stripping sock.  (Though I may do one or two of those as well.)

On Ravelry, you can search what people have done with a specific yarn that you have, in this case I spent most of yesterday evening researching this yarn.  There are over 3000 projects that have used it!  I found 5 that I could really enjoy!  Too bad I only have one skein!

I may, sometimes do a scarf, if I feel like the yarn would be more suited to that, than on my feet!  I am going to print out patterns and use ziplocs to match the yarn and pattern, just like the Yarn Harlot does, no need to re-invent the wheel is what I say.  I will post the yarn and pattern at the beginning of each month, probably over on Farmstead Studio, but I will make a reference to it over here as well.
The Christmas stuff is down, and almost all packed away, we don't dally over here, I am surprised that we made it all the way to the 29th!   Once I get my chores done today, I will take a stab at finishing place-mat number 3 and 4 on the Hollywood warp.

I may do 6 place-mats and a runner with this medium weft instead of changing to a lighter weft.  I knew I should have put on a longer warp!

So that is my plan for what it's worth,
Until next time, Happy Weaving, Tina


LA said...

It sounds like you have a plan in place...and with all that lovely yarn, you'll be knitting a lot! Those will be some sweet socks!!!!

Bonnie said...

There you have it. That is your plan and you are sticking to it.

Theresa said...

Oh how fun! Little Knits has some great sales don't they? Have a Happy Happy!

Anonymous said...

Have to check out the website. FYI...can you all add back an old weaver to your group on Tuesdays? (me?) Have a happy new year, see you soon. Sharen

Maggie said...

Neato! Love the sock yarn assortment! Good luck with the sock of the month thing!