Saturday, December 31, 2011

In With The New!

  It's already started....the New Year's celebrations all over the world.  I just saw the news clip of the fireworks over Sydney Harbour....stunning!!! 
  I was mulling over my post for today, and thinking of the old and the new.  It's been an interesting year.

  This is a shot of one of my poinsettias that I've had for a few years.  Some folks are very careful about their care, but mine seem to thrive on neglect!  I shove them out the door in the spring...just as soon as the threat of frost is over, and they stay outside all summer until the frost danger returns.  Then, after they drop all their leaves, the new ones return.  This was an especially good year for my plants.  And, this one was outstanding!!!!  They'll be at the sliding glass doors until Spring returns.....and out they'll go again!

  I messed up my favorite serger right before the Foothills show, and it is now waiting on parts to fix it.  (I bought it new in the late '80's, so it's had a good run!)  But, while I was at the shop, the nice salesman showed me the new, improved 5 thread serger.  Oh my!  I think a woman must have been involved in this development!  Threading this baby is so much easier....that crazy lower looper is now a breeze to thread.  And, the needles tilt forward to ease in threading.  I finally got the tote bags from the Center serged and they are ready to be finished up.  It's already getting a work out!!!

  And, just for fun, I'm trying my hand at "knitting" socks.  For those that know me, you know that knitting is not my thing.  Now, if you threatened me with the life of one of my children, I probably could knit.....but I just can't seem to handle two needles!  (I can crochet all day long!)  But, I LOVE hand knitted wool socks!!!  And, since my knitting friends have enough to do without me whining about socks, I thought I'd try my hand at this!  We'll see how it goes.....

  Tonight we welcome in a new year, and reflect upon the old.  I have set a goal of one new overshot pattern a month for mug rugs.  That will give me a nice inventory next November when we set up for Foothills again.  And, there are lots of projects that are rattling around in my head that I want to weave in 2012.
  Also, there are a few old projects that need finishing up on the looms and on the sewing table.  It's a good thing my new serger is up for the tasks.
  Happy New Year to all my friends, and
Happy Weaving!


Linda said...

Happy New Year! I have one of those sock looms but I haven't tried it yet.

Bonnie said...

LouAnn, Linda and I should get together with our sock loom and see what we can do. We might even get one knitted.

Maggie said...

You and Tina had the same idea, getting ready for new challenges. I'd like to see you knitting!

Tina J said...

Ya'll could start a new Sock Loom Club! Happy New Year!