Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Another Terriffic Tuesday!!!

  It was back to business as usual at the Center today!
  Since Carl had cut his warp off the loom, it was time to re-dress the barn loom back in the corner.  Cindy wanted to learn how to warp front to back, so she became Carl's apprentice.  They will be ready to tie onto the back beam next week.

  Lanny is weaving the last scarf using one color with a twill treadling, and Maggie is hard at work on that wonderful placemat warp. 

(Maggie knit that sweater she has on....very chic!)

Ann is back from her retreat...and she's hard at work getting her warp ready to put on her table loom. 

  Bonnie was putting the finishing touches on her plans for the towel warp that will go on the loom on the back row.

  ****see the rocker beside Bonnie......

Yes....this one!!!  Ms. Pat WOVE the back and seat on that rocker!  Allan had donated it for the Center auction, and Pat was the high bidder.  She did such a great job!

  Another example of plotting and planning going on!!!!  Ms. Trudy had a twisted thread on her heddle, and Carol is the one that can help her fix that problem!

  LaDonna made us apple dumplings today!  YUM!  And, there was some weaving time, too!!!

  Tina brought the new rag cutter for us to see in action.  Cool, huh!!!!!  It uses box cutter blades to cut the strips!

  Guess what we got in the mail????
  Our very own woven tree ornament from Amanda over on Weave Away!!!  We got to watch the progression of pictures as she wove them, and made the ornaments, and we LOVE it!  Thank you, Amanda!!!!

  Next week we will be having our Christmas potluck.....we'll have time to weave, too.  But, it is always amazing when all those wonderful smells fill the lower level of the Center!
  So, in the meantime, back to your regularly scheduled weaving!!!!


Bonnie said...

What a wonderful day.

Tina J said...

It was so cool to get to hold something that we saw take shape on a blog!