Monday, December 5, 2011

Have Loopers......

I've got a few loopers that I got about a year ago. I've waited this long to use some of them at least!! Knowing how many of each color made sense to me, so I divided them by color. This is about 3/4 of what I have.
The chair on the right is one I got at a show last year. I love it! It's an antique chair that the Cannon's rewove the seat on. It's also not very high, more of a side chair and perfect for chaining loopers!!

 The box on the right is where I mix the looper colors I chose for the weft. Then I chain them in bunches and pile into the container on the left. While I'm doing this, I'm watching LOST. I'm up to the bonus features from season 2. We watched it all when it was first on. Knowing that we probably missed some inspite of that, I got the series for Christmas last year and now have time to watch it episode after episode!!
 DH got himself a new tv for his room Saturday and I  inherited his 32" flat screen for the studio. I just got it so will be interested in seeing how much better and bigger the picture will be. The old tv was fine but this one will sure be awesome. Guess I got an early Christmas gift!!
Looper rugs make me smile. They're cheerful especially when it's raining! Right now the sun is trying to shine but there are clouds all around us, the kind of dull gonna be rain clouds. We're supposed to have a bunch of rain the next few days. Of course, on Tuesday when we need to paint those boards for Allan to put on the annex. Guess we'll paint after they're on. Hopefully one of these Tuesdays will be dry!!
 I was hoping to get the rugs off the loom before today but there's still room for my knees so I'm still weaving. There are only a couple of more rugs on the warp so might get it off tonight. When you weave with loopers, you create a ton of lint. All different colors of lint!! When you get up, you have to brush yourself off before you can walk!! I'll bring down the vacumn cleaner before I put another warp on!!
The first rugs are fairly thin, fabric that I got to match the warp that I put on. The middle section is flannel. There are 2 rugs like that. It's a plaid from Walmart for $2 a yard and 60" wide. That was  a good deal and the rugs are soft! I've got more of that ready for the next time..
 Yesterday afternoon I pulled out the flannel design wall I bought and set it up. That would have been a picture, me trying to get the rods where they belonged!! Good thing I was alone in the studio. I've been fooling with this very nice fabric I picked up in Michigan in June. Had to buy more to add to it to make a twin size quilt but this is the plan for assembling it. I already have the rows in piles with the row number and might have time to sew it this afternoon. The first two rows are overlapped a bit but you get the idea...
 DH decided he needed to buy a bench for his office. He found one at Goodwood Furniture. It's unpainted, of course. He also decided that the side chair he'd taken to the office needed to be the same color as his bench. So, he got some paint that looks like mahogany. This is the primer he's painting on the pieces before he gets to the mahogany. I'm to weave a looper rug to throw over the bench. These will be in his office beside his amp and guitar. Everyone needs  a hobby and he loves to play his guitar!
With the rain scheduled for this week, he's moved them into the greenhouse and will finish painting them there.
That's about all that's happened here. I will be finishing the rugs and then weaving a warp for clothing before going back to more rugs. I do need to dress more looms. They look a bit lonely right now but I think that getting more rugs woven takes priority until I empty at least one of those rubbermaids! There are more loopers out there to add to the stash....
So it's back to weaving and laundry today!!
Til next time.


LA said...

You've been very busy! The best thing about looper rugs is how they feel under your feet, don't you think?

Bonnie said...

Love the bright colors of the loopers. Nice bench DH picked up. Will look nice with a looper cover on it.

Tina J said...

We are sure going to need those bright colors this week! Great looking rugs!

Linda said...

What happy looking rugs. They make me want to smile. Just the thing for a gray, rainy week.

Roxie said...

What productivity! those loopers look like such a lot of fun. Very cheery and playful.