Saturday, December 3, 2011

Leap Blog

  All packed up and ready to go!  Tote bags, mug rugs and one set of place mats went off to Nashville...hopefully to find new homes!  I've got my fingers crossed that the booth does well!

  In the meantime, it's time to get ready for the holidays, which at my house means that lots and lots of wooden nutcrackers come out of hiding!


  So, why am I sitting at the computer playing Leap Blog???

Ah, you know what I mean.....don't you ever check out the blogs that are listed on the sidebar of some of your favorite blogs????
  When the Tuesday Weavers started this blog, we had a core list of blogs that we had already been following, so, of course, they were listed on our sidebar.  We've added some new ones along the way.   Tina, Linda and Maggie (who started their own blogs) have some of their favorites listed in their sidebars, too.
  So, here are some of the blogs I leap to when I'm on the net:

  One of my favorites is Boulderneigh:  Boulderneigh
Michelle raises Shetland sheep, and I just adore her pictures of those fluffy ewes!  She even includes little clips of them racing around the paddock.  She also has a bulldog, which sometimes makes it into the blog.  So, thanks to Theresa (CampRunAMuck) and Sharon (In Stitches) I have become a fan, also.  And, after helping Tina clean those fleeces, I have a greater appreciation of her close-up shots of the fleece.  I can almost feel the wonder of them!

  And, then there's Dawn:   Hey Dawn - what's happening in the studio?
She has this amazing studio....lots and lots of looms....and she does such beautiful weaving!  Right now she is doing a "weave along" with a friend making some beautiful towels.  She really is an inspiration.

  We met Vita Marie at Townsend a few years ago....she's also responsible for getting us involved in the Maryville Foothills Fall Celebration:    Vita Marie Lovett
She lives in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, and she does such beautiful, she's just a nice person!  It's a little way I can keep in touch with what is going on with her.

  Last, but NOT least, is my niece, Kim:    The Writing Playground
She only blogs on Tuesdays, but I love to hop over and see what's on her mind.  I can hear her voice when I'm reading her blog....I can hear it in her books, too!  Her writing group reminds me of our Tuesday Weavers.  We have that community of people who nurture us in our pursuits, whether it is writing or weaving.  I remember her when she was a wee one, sitting in my lap when I was home on college breaks....she loved to be read to!  (Her daughter did, too!!!)
  So, for now, I'll end my bounce around the blogsphere and get back to the job of getting ready for the holidays.  I'd like to weave a bit, too..............

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

I make Leap Blog part of every day!

Bonnie said...

Leap blog. Never heard it called that.

Theresa said...

LOL, I love leap blogging too. I've added a few new ones myself recently.
Good luck at the sale and have fun decorating. I'm just starting to think about it. Maybe a tree this year. ;)