Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ain't Nothin' Free!

Previously, I've mentioned the new sewer line I have to have installed from the street to my house.  After two weeks of getting estimates, as well as waiting for no-show plumbers, I selected one.  They were supposed to start last week, but the rain kept them away.  Then, they were scheduled to be here yesterday, but since it was Tuesday, it rained again.  They didn't call until I was in Maryville-- Knitting Nest's end of year sale!--and asked how I felt about the hedge.
  Now, you all should know how I feel about that hedge.  It's full of poison ivy and frequently out of control.  A lot of it is dead, but weed trees and ivy are taking over.  I told them to take it out!  They couldn't get the backhoe in there without doing so, anyway. It's gone now, from the vegetable garden to the street.  I'll still have to clear out the remaining 20-30 feet, but I can do it!  I have a two week vacation coming up soon, and that will be one of my chores, especially since the part they took out contains the most poison ivy.
  I'd hoped to post a little about weaving, since I'm 24 inches away from having the pink Lover's Knot scarf done, but I spent three hours at the Subaru dealer, getting the oil changed.  The last time I was there, I didn't have an appointment and it took ten minutes!  Unfortunately, Ruby Suby also needed a check up from the body shop.  Seems she can't move trees!  I was backing up a narrow road someone had advised me to take, and as I watched a boulder from the backup camera, a tree out the lens' view met Ruby's bumper.
  I have a call into my insurance agent, but have yet to hear back from him.  I'd like Ruby to get fixed as soon as possible, but the dealer said they're still working on hail damage repair!  Can you believe that?  The storms were in April!  But we walked by a car in Maryville today that was completely pitted, with a broken windshield, so I guess that's right.
  I once had a jar in the bathroom of many differently colored hair elastics, and one day caught Weftie in the act of pulling them out, one at a time. Soon, they were all gone.  Today, I have found them, so at least I get to save a little money somewhere!  Miss Etta helped collect them, as well as Bella's long lost brush and some random trash, behind the fridge.  And I had to post a photo of Miss Etta, since some of you doubt her existence.  She is shy, but she just needs a reason to come out sometimes.
  With the backhoe rumbling outside, I'll finish up the vacuuming and maybe finish the scarf.  Have a great week, and happy weaving!


Bonnie said...

A busy day.

LA said...

"Ding-dong, the hedge is gone....which ole hedge...the poison hedge!" Yippee!!!! Also, thanks for the picture of Ms. Etta...I've only seen her as she dashes a shadow!

Benita said...

That's one way to get rid of the poison ivy. Have you noticed that poison ivy has started running more rampant than usual in the past year or so? I can't keep ahead of it.

That's funny about the cat hiding things. When my cat Patty died several years ago, we found fuzzy mice toys in the oddest of places.