Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday is for Finishing!

I was walking Scout (AKA Miss Antsy Pants!) this morning, and I was thinking about my blog post.

It seems as though I have a few things to finish up today.   I have a wedding present to hem,

it is already off of the loom and checked for errors.  It took me all day Wednesday to weave it, (with a break in the middle, for errands), now it just needs hemming, which won't take long, and washing.

I would love to say that I was getting ready to finish off the 2 blanket warps, but I  still have several more to go.  I have woven over 40 of these blankets, each one at least 45 inches long, with a dozen or so, like the one above, a whopping 70 inches.  I started with 80 yards split between the 2 looms, I will do the math later.  LOL!

There is quite a bit here on Lillian, and the Leclerc has a bit more.   So, even though I dreamed last night,( I am not kidding), that I had cut off the last blanket, (Kings Flower in Copper! I could see the knots right up against the heddles!), it will be just a little awhile longer.  I will be re-threading the Kings Flower pattern later this month, I want to do a couple of blankets in a Star pattern.  These have not sold like hot cakes, ( most of them have been used as gifts), so I am not at all sure I will do another warp like this soon, hopefully, they sell this weekend in Nashville.

I have one more Christmas gift to finish up.

I believe that I can finish them up today.  I plan to knit myself several pairs of socks this next year.  I am not saying one pair a month, but I just might try to do that.

I have to finish all of it by 2pm, because today, Dear One and I plan to hop into town, and finish our Christmas Shopping!  We may even try, now that things have dried up a bit from all the recent rains, to decorate the porch!

I have always loved reading, a lot!  Now, more often than not I will listen to an audio book.   Mostly because if I get a good book in my hands I will do nothing else but read it, not even sleep!  With an audio book, I can weave or knit or so many other things.  So today, first thing after outside chores, I will be finishing this book!  I read it years ago, but happily I can't quite remember how it ends.

Maybe tonight I will get to sleep a little earlier!

Until next time, Happy weaving, Tina


LA said...

I can't believe how many throws you have woven! WOW!!! I can understand the dream...that's how I feel right now about tote bags. I think I'll take a break for a bit.

Maggie said...

And I can't believe how huge and beautiful Scout is! You are such a busy woman. I know your blankets will catch on soon, and sell like crazy. They're gorgeous!

Tina J said...

Yup, Scout got the coat of a Newfoundland, and the size and temperament of whatever the other herding breed is. Very high strung, not good with chickens and goats, unfortunately!