Thursday, June 1, 2017

Mission Accomplished!

  DONE!!!  This is a four yard strap!  There were times that I thought the threads were growing when I wasn't looking.  But, the knots finally came up over the top dowel.

  Then it was a matter of attaching it to the bag.  

Now it's on its way across the world for a ten day tour Down Under!!!!

  That's not to say we didn't do a little last minute adjustment!  A quick trip to Jo-Anns was made to find a smaller slider ring--then a little surgery to replace the other one.

  It had all the features she wanted.  The top pocket holds her passport.  The middle pocket is for cash, cards and coins.  The bottom pocket has a window for her driver's license and teacher card and a place for her cell phone.  The zipper on the top gives her access to the space behind--she can stash her tour papers inside!

  A little tip:  If you're weaving an adjustable strap for a bag, buy your slider ring BEFORE you weave it!  That way you know what size to use AND how wide to make your strap!!!

 My technology education is coming along...I'm happier working with my wee garden.
  I have one tomato that is almost ready for a BLT, and one little cherry tomato that will be nice for tomorrow's breakfast.

  I've already had a few raspberries from this bush.  These are the really sweet ones!!!  I have to check every day for the ripe ones and get them before the birds and chipmunks do!!!

  Speaking of those spunky chipmunks....I watched one go across the yard and right into my palette garden!!!  They are my tunnel diggers!!!!  If they weren't so cute..................

I'm back on the rug loom this afternoon after I get some more blue jeans cut.  It's time to get that rug done and off the loom.

Enjoy your weekend!


Tina J said...

Chipmunks sure are cute aren't they, I have been seeing a lot of them lately! I love the bag and wish your Daughter a fun and safe trip.

Theresa said...

Okay, I adore chipmunks. I love the way they run all out tails up for their lives. As they must since so many animals figure they are a pretty tasty little snack.
Honestly, we have such a bountiful growers market I am only growing salad greens and herbs, a few fun annuals. Nothing too adventurous. The strawberries have come on, I am in strawberry heaven. My favorite seasonal fruit bar none.

LOVE the bag. I'm sure it will have lots of stories to tell upon its return!