Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Over the Bend

LouAnn's computer is on the blink again, so y'all will have to put up with me and my quirky perspective on looms.  I went around the room today, taking pictures of the warps as they came off of the warp beam, there was quite a variation as you might imagine, but there were  also similarities.

First off you will see several with slack threads which we all know means that some weavers are being "slackers" and are off galavanting across the country or the world.   (Miss Ila was working her shift upstairs in the shop, not slacking at all!)

They will be back at it as soon as they get back you can be sure.

You might think that the next two warps have nothing to do with each other, but you would be wrong!

Both of these projects are slated for the Christmas market for the fall shows.  The red and green towels are obvious, but the white warp, not so much.

All you have to do is remember those Towels with Christmas trees I was weaving last week.

There is a bevy of painted scarf warps being worked on.

One of which is almost finished!

There are more than a few white warps, I think these two are going to be towels.

I just love the look of a warp on the loom, all those threads all lined up ready to go.

Then of course there are the looms with one of our signature placemats in "Ellen's Pattern"  a warp spaced weave.

We sold 7 pairs of this pattern just this week, one of Ellen's relatives came and bought them.

Ooops!  What have we here!  Looks like there was a lamm on the lam!

Then of course there is Carl on the giant barn loom in the corner, coming to the end of another rug warp, what a trooper!

Remember that scarf warp that was getting close to being finished when I took the pictures early in the day?  Well before she headed for home Joan finish weaving and cut that scarf warp off of the loom.  I think Joan said that Irene wove a couple of the scarves and then Joan took over and finished the project.

A fitting end to a sweet day at the Appalachian Arts Craft Center in Norris TN.

Until next time, keep Crafting!!!!  Tina for all


Theresa said...

Tuesday already gone! Time does fly and what an interesting perspective.

Sharon said...

It bogggles my mind that you have so many looms in one space - fun perspective.