Tuesday, June 27, 2017

That's A Wrap!

  Pat stopped by the Studio to touch bases with the Weavers, and ended up putting together some weft for a new rug!!! 
  Last week, Carol brought in 7 boxes of donated fabric that had been used for home decoration (drapes and upholstery.)  Pat fell in love with that piece in the front, and started putting other pieces with it....this will be a great rug!!!!
  Sadly, she couldn't stay.  It seems that she went by a  favorite nursery yesterday, and ended up with a load of plants for her yard.  Her job today was to get them all in the ground!

  Bonnie's plants are producing lots and lots of veggies!  So many, in fact, that she brought squash, zucchini and cucumbers to share with the Weavers!!!!
  Thank you, Bonnie!!!

   Meanwhile, on the porch, Irene and Ron are getting ready for Kids Camp in July.  Ron is busy making some simple looms for them to use to weave wall hangings.
  Frieda brought her knitting....but, only got here with one needle.  Hummmmmmm........

  You might call this HIGH STEPPING braiding!!!  This is an eight strand flat braid that she is practicing for Kids Camp.  (Love the technique!!!!)

  This was the view from my loom...Ray is working on the towels, Alyce is busy with her placemats.

  Across the way, I can see Anna catching up with Tina.  We're all glad that Anna had a good trip!
  Marie was finishing up the first shawl on this pink warp.  The next one will have a gray weft.

  Marie went ahead and cut off the shawl so she could retie the warp.  I guess there is some fringe twisting in her future!!!

  Tina finished a towel and got started on the next one.  You can just see the trees as they make the turn on the breast beam.

  Joan finished her scarf warp, so now it's time to twist those fringes.  Helen's warp is coming right along...she'll be ready to get on a floor loom before long!


  Shirley's back from vacation, too.  She had pictures to share on her phone (plus, she has a great tan!!!)  Carol and Carl got a few minutes to catch up....this is a busy time for them.

  Linda got her towels done just in time for her big trip "back home."  Don't you just love navy and khaki together????  These towels are from a 2014 issue of Handwoven.   What a thoughtful hostess gift, Linda!!!!

  Whoa!  I think that might be the end of the warp!  Carl will be cutting off this warp of rugs when we meet again July 11.  That will be just in time to enter one of the blue jean rugs at the Anderson County Fair.
  I guess that IS A WRAP!!!!!

Happy Weaving!

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