Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Some folks might think we have a conclave of goodies on Tuesdays....and they might be right! 
  Today, Sharon brought us some pecan sandies, and Joan brought her "Blondies".  (You could also call them Congo Bars!)

Thank you, Ladies!!!

  This is a conclave of sisters!  Linda's son got married last weekend, so her sisters were here for a visit.  Since no visit to our area is complete without a tour of the weaving studio, we got the chance to meet these ladies.

  Betsy is back, and spent the morning threading her new rug warp.

  I think we all agree that Marie's choice of weft is just the ticket for that wild pink warp.

  Here's a close up of the shawl warp.

  This is a close up of Joan's scarf winding onto the cloth beam.  It looks like little windows!!!

   Jocelyn and Anna have interesting projects on their looms, also.  Jocelyn is weaving twill with her light gray weft.

  After changing the tie-up, Tina got started on the Christmas tree towels.  She found her own unique way to solve the problem of two few treadles for the trees!!!!

  Yes...that's Carl in the background....he was hard at work on his rug warp.  Would you believe it's already time to be thinking about another warp for his loom!!!! 


This is truly a conclave of looms (or a Schacht commercial!!!!)    This is Liz's first project on a floor loom!  Right now, she's busy threading.

This looks like a serious conclave to me......

Another lovely Tuesday in the Studio!!!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

I am loving the Christmas Trees I started today, Christmas will be here before we know it!

Theresa said...

I love seeing all those Schacht looms. Think they gossip when you're all gone?
Congo bars...oh yummmmmm!