Monday, June 5, 2017

Last Bunch for Now

I spent time this weekend hemming the last batch of rugs. I won't be weaving any more til January. I wanted to use up all my selvedges and I did except for 3 small balls of white/natural ones that didn't fit in with the others. They're bagged and waiting for future projects!
So the first rug was lots of odds and ends that seemed to go together. I really like it, as in I'm keeping this one. Not sure where I'll put it but it's mine! 
The soft teal makes such a soothing rug.
This used up the rest of the teal!
So I had a bunch of blue. Just enough to make a rug. It's fairly bright!
I took the pictures yesterday afternoon. We live in the woods and no sun shines into the room. I decided not to turn the light on so the color would be more what it really is. With the fluorescent lights on, the colors change. That's why the pictures I take on the loom aren't quite right. It's at the back of the room where there isn't any light unless you turn them on. I may not have mentioned this but my studio, the weaving part, is in our converted garage. We replaced the garage door with French doors and windows, tiled the front of the floor and carpeted the back with a thick padding. That's where the looms are. Plus, the back of the garage is wall to wall shelving from Lowe's for yarn. Love it!
The rest of the selvedges were more earth tone or grey so that's what I used for this rug.
There was a bit of an aqua mixed in with the neutral selvedge. It gives it a bit of spunk.
The green isn't really lime green but it's close. It works well with the greys.
This was the last of the selvedges.
I had warp left so needed to weave a couple more rugs. I have rolls of strips in my stash. This fabric is a very dark paisley. It weaves and feels so different from the thick selvedges but I know someone will love it. I will be weaving more rugs to use up the rolls that I have.
It's amazing how different this rug ends up looking from what I started with. The fabric is a very muted houndstooth. I had no idea that it would look like camouflage once woven.
This is a closeup of the rug. If you know it, you can see the houndstooth but it does look like camo!
While I was working, Meg came by and stayed. She's a cute little thing, not as flashy as Belle, but often is nearby while I work. She's hard to take a picture of but this time she looked up perfectly for me.
Today is another rainy day in East Tennessee! We've had a lot of rain lately but we can't complain. After the drought last fall, we'll take it. It's a perfect day to weave. I'll be downstairs in a few minutes weaving on a white warp. I'm hoping to finish it today. We'll see how that goes!
Until next week, keep weaving!


Tina J said...

I love the blue one!

LA said...

I think it's lots of fun to see the design that develops when you use a printed fabric for rugs. I'm so glad Meg could join you as you worked on this batch of rugs.