Tuesday, June 6, 2017


  It's the beginning of vacation season here in the Studio.  The Weavers are starting to travel and and do summery things, so the population expands and contracts to reflect other activities.

  As the looms were pulled out of the aisles, I did notice Ms. Ila's loom.  Or, I should say that I noticed the backside of Ms. Ila's loom. 
  Oh, my!!!!  What a collection of bling!!!!  And, anyone who knows Ms. Ila knows that she likes to add a little bling to her weaving.  But, this is BLING on the warp threads.
  When I teased her about it, she reminded me that this was one of those warps from HELL!  There were a lot of tangles as they wound it on the loom.

  Next door to Ms. Ila, I saw that Bonnie's loom also has some bling.....just not as fancy.
  Plastic.....really?????  We've got to do something about that!

  Carol did a quick inventory of dyed warps in preparation of our next Dye Day.  What warps will we need to get ready for our Fall sales? 
  Warps and the possible wefts are placed in their own plastic box to be woven when there is a loom available.  It's almost like a production line!!!!

  Meanwhile, outside upstairs, it was time for Crafting on the Porch.

  Knitting and weaving seem to be the favored crafts for the morning.

  I have been waiting to see Ray's towels...and today was the day!!!!  These are going to be great!!!!


  Yeah!!!  Look!  No glasses!!!  Linda is doing great after her surgery, and you can really see those big, blue eyes!  But, for awhile, she really needs some big sunglasses when she steps outside! 
  Maybe we should put some bling on them......

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

I was so sorry to miss today, I thought I was going to a baseball game today, but turns out I got to pick up grandkids on the last day of school!

Theresa said...

Awesome towels and congrats to Linda on those big blue peepers..jeepers!