Thursday, June 8, 2017


  I had another lovely day at the Museum of Appalachia.  Besides the sixty or so six to nine year olds there for a field trip, I met visitors from Seattle, California and Atlanta.  The family from Seattle was very interesting!  The daughter is a history education major in college...she was having a super time at the Museum.  Mom has taken up knitting and we chatted about all her lovely left over yarn.  I told her she really needed to take up weaving!!!! 
  I also told her about Clinch River Yarns in Clinton....I wonder if they stopped by?????

  I almost finished two placemats while I was at the Museum, but I ran out of weft about five inches from the end of the second one!  Since the buses had already left, I packed it up as well.

  I did have a little girl that wanted to stay at the Loom House and watch me weave.  She said she could just watch it all day long!
  Besides cutting more weft, I need to pack the mallet for the next visit....some of the pegs are a little loose on the loom.  It's time to tighten things up!!!


  We have been having some cool days for this first week of June, and I think my cactus is confused!  Can you believe it has set buds?????  I'll try to remember to get a picture of the buds when they open.  The blooms are spikey...not the usual kind.

  This was waiting for me in my mailbox--the Anderson County Fair!!!!  I need to go over the list and see what I have that I can enter.  Carl is going to enter some items, also.  We want to make sure they have some woven items to display!

  I've been getting daily pictures from my daughter (I think her little purse must be holding up just fine.)  I really love this one from the Sydney harbor.  It sounds like they are staying very busy!

  Oh, well....let's go finish a blue jean rug!

Happy Weaving!

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