Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Food, Fun and Weaving!


  Polly had an abundance of eggs that she needed to use up....that means WE get crepes!

 They are really yummy with lemon curd and raspberry jam!!!!!
  Thank you, Polly!

  Just to keep our strength up until the crepes are ready, Ms. Ila provided some doughnuts from a local shop!
  Thank you Ms. Ila!!!


 Marie was on duty upstairs this morning...that's a new student calling about weaving lessons on the phone!

Linda completed her sample weaving for the stole.  Twist the fringes????  That will be up to the recipient!

  A little impromptu spinning lesson from Tina!  Jocelyn is learning to spin!!!!!

  Ms. Ila tries to keep the Ladies on task....but, they just have so much fun!!!!


  We wouldn't want Carol to think that nothing got done....here's the evidence that we were busy little weavers!

Another fulfilling day in the studio!

Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

OMG CREPES!! I need to wipe the drool off my keyboard.