Monday, February 8, 2016

Just 5 more inches....

You know I've been weaving curtains. I got the last warp done Friday afternoon, quickly serged the raw edges, repaired anything needing fixing and threw them in the washing machine before hanging them to dry. Done! Relief and ready to move on.
Saturday afternoon I ironed all the panels and put them in the van.
Yesterday afternoon I drove up to the craft center, raised up one of the tables to a better height and figured out the size of hems and casings. 
There are two sizes of curtains I needed to make. I got all of the longer set pinned and back in the car to come home to hem.
Then I began on the shorter set. I already had a sneaking suspicion that all was not well when I was ironing them, but getting the panels on the table to pin the hems verified it. I had woven one panel short. I don't know which warp it was because all 3 had short panels. One panel was 5 inches too short.
If it had been at the hem end, I might have managed it but this is at the top where the casing goes. Even 2 inches more would have worked. But no, just that much too short.

So this morning I get to wind a warp for just one panel of curtain. I get to thread it, weave it, wash it, iron and then pin it and sew the ends. Exciting, not! However, that's the way it goes and I'll get it done.
DH is excited because we get to keep the flawed panel as an example of all the curtains I've woven for the lodge. He can hang it in his studio!

We may have interesting weather again tonight and for the next couple of days. We may just have an inch of snow but if it's after rain that freezes, we could be stuck again at home. Here's hoping that doesn't happen.

I've also been rinsing skeins and warps. I love how the color stays on the yarn. It just amazes me how one can add color to yarns and how fun it is to weave once done. I should have pictures next week.
Until then, keep weaving and stay warm!!

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LA said...

Oh, NO! So sorry that you have to do another panel...but, DH will enjoy having the extra one. Looking forward to seeing your painted warps on the loom.