Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Great Way To Beat The Gray!

Let it rain.....it's not snow!!!
Although it was a gray, drizzly day outside, inside it was colorful and warm!

  Pat brought her placemats that she made to go with a relative's FiestaWare, and she asked me to bring some of the colorful pieces to see if she got it right.  By Jove....I think she's got it!!!!

  Elsewhere in the studio, it was business as usual.  Tina was kept busy helping out some of the weavers and answering questions.  At one point, she was even under Karin's loom helping with the treadles.


Pat was busy spreading a rug warp on the Leclerc.  She found some great fabric to use for some hit or miss rugs...stay tuned for more!

   Betsy got her question answered about a loose thread on her inkle loom, so she'll be back to it soon.  Linda and Frieda have scarves on their looms.  And, if you look very closely, you'll see the LADIES on the back row.  I noticed that Roz has joined them!

  It's a good thing Marie's loom is in the middle of the studio....she's "on-call" the whole time she's here!!!
  Uh-oh....it looks like Jocelyn's warp is nearing the end!  Guess that means she's already thinking about what's next! 
  Carl has decided that there's enough warp for one more rug after the one he's weaving now.   He took home another large piece of plaid flannel to get it ready to strip next week.

  Carol was kept busy, as usual, going between our new weavers and trouble shooting on-going projects.  Plus, she had a stack of items that needed to be inventoried and tagged for upstairs.  There's always something that needs to be done!

  After lunch, Jocelyn, Polly and Marie put their heads together to write a grant for more looms.  We are hoping to get a matching grant so we can replace some of our table looms for new weavers.  We would also like to add some Baby Wolves (they fold up!) for our projects that need a little more width.

  So much going on in the Studio!!!
Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Love the placemats! I wish you guys would do a greatest hit draft once a month. I'm sure you have some favorites.
So, you are looking to expand your pack of wolves?! Good luck with the grant.
BTW, my pup arrives tomorrow.

Maggie said...

More looms? I know they fold, but wow! Where on earth will they go?
I love the Fiesta Ware placemats. Good job, Pat!