Thursday, February 4, 2016

Project Update


I finished the muslin of Merchant & Mills Top#64.  This is what I learned:
1.  It fits...size wise, that is.  In fact, I could probably go down a size, but I will probably be wearing a turtleneck under it during the winter, so I'll stick with this size.

2.  The underarm needs to be cut a little deeper for ease of movement for me. 

3.  The pockets need to be a wee bit larger, I think.  I actually use my pockets all the time; they aren't for decoration only!  These are 3x5 cards stuck inside so you can gauge how small they are!!!

4.  The sleeves are very LONG....I can adjust this on the pattern.

  The instructions have you do the top stitching as you go...when you're finished, you ARE finished!  That also means that taking out the arm hole is going to be a job....a lot of seam ripping, if you get my drift.  But, I've got the top and seam ripper laid out so I can work on it when I get a minute.
  That means that I'm back to my stash looking for the next piece of fabric to try with this pattern.
If you want to see a great use of this pattern, hop over to Theresa's blog, Camp Runamuck, and see her latest creation.

  One of my goals this winter was to get a few projects completed for the Fall shows.  (Maybe that will keep me from going too crazy in September!)  This placemat warp of  kitchen cotton was calling to me.  Sass Pup has been folded up in my bedroom since Christmas, and it's time to get it woven off, I think. 
  So, while I was binge watching Foyle's War, I finished the huck placemat that was on it, and rethreaded for these placemats.  I'm using two strands of the Peaches & Creme panorama for weft. just feels good to just sit down and weave.  Throwing a shuttle has got to be the best therapy in the world....don't you agree?

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

LouAnn, I found the sleeves a wee bit tight around the middle upper arm and graded that center seam of the two piece sleeve out a bit. I didn't have to finagle with the under arm area. If you really need to size those pockets longer, shorten the top portion slightly allowing for a longer pocket instead of lengthening the lower portion. The proportion works better but still you don't want to deviate much more than a couple of inches. The other option is to do front patch pockets and you can do them in what ever fabric you are using right down to seaming them where the seam falls on the pattern.....
Looks great though!

Theresa said...

I forgot to add I cut the neck in a lower scoop and do a self bias binding. I have never fooled with that facing....