Friday, February 12, 2016

Just A Dusting.....

That's what the weather forecast last night was saying!!!

We woke up to a little surprise this morning....the storm dipped a little further south than they expected, and we got just a wee bit more than a dusting!!!

Our friend, Tina is tucked up on the couch with her knitting:  you can catch up with her over on Farmstead Studio.  Go for a visit!  And, since I missed blogging yesterday, I thought I would post today.

  I have some doilies from my mom, grandmother and great-aunt that had gotten very yellow.  I was determined to see if I could get them back to their original color!  I soaked them several times yesterday in mild bleach solutions until they became white again.  I still have one more crocheted table topper that is soaking, and that should do me for awhile.

  In between changing the water in the tub, I got a little weaving done.  I realized that I had a better chance of weaving off the last three mats on this warp than finishing up the tan warp!!!  So, out the Pup came from storage...get'er done!!!!

  I never pass up an opportunity to have lunch with a fiber friend.....Maggie and I checked out The Front Porch over in Powell.  They have converted a lovely old home into a tasty place to meet and eat!  (Note Maggie's knitted shawlette!)
  So....that's my excuse....and I'm sticking to it.  All fiber related, you know!!!
Now, let's hope this "little dusting" melts quickly..........

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

What a great day to get those yellows out! I tried enlarging the red and white mats, but I couldn't get a close up! I really like the overall effect though, and I bet it is 8/4!

Theresa said...

I could have sworn I left a comment yesterday, but never mind, I'll leave another! ;-)
Looks like the perfect way to spend a snow day, puttering through some finery stuff and looking out the window from a warm home.
Love the red and white mats. What's the draft/pattern?