Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Brave Weavers

This morning Anderson County schools were closed so we should have have stayed home. Knox County was 2 hours late. Last night weavers were already emailing to ask if we could meet anyway. Well, we had a lot of rain last night that washed away the ice.
So, we decided to meet at 11am, letting the roads dry a bit this morning.
There were 9 of us brave souls that were able to get out. There's still a lot of ice on the back roads so quite a few had to stay safe and stay home. LouAnn was one of them, so I took over the job of writing this today.
Marie's a good teacher, helping Michelle with figuring out shrinkage, etc on projects. She's a brand new weaver with lots to learn.

Pat brought in a color sampler for us to see which our favorite combinations were. She's trying to use up her yarn. I think she's going to end up buying more to fill it in. Never have enough stash!
Linda brought in her version of a homemade temple. Using balloon weights, old socks and clamps, she figured out a cheap system that works.
Michele, Frieda, and Anna found the idea intriguing.
Marie, Pat and Polly were intrigued as well.
Cayce wound off her first warp. Done, mistakes and all. You get to learn a lot with mistakes.
So that was out day. Michelle got a new warp wound and on the loom. Pictures next week!
Here's hoping that next Tuesday the weather will cooperate! The high Friday is in the 60s but that's no guarantee the we won't have snow again!
Until next week, 
Your substitute blogger,


LA said...

Thank you, Carol!!!! It looks like it was a good day for weavers! See you next week.

Theresa said...

Oh my that must have been fun, 9 weavers and all those looms! :-)

Tina J said...

Tuesday was my first day out, and it was to the Doctor for a follow-up, I was in the pick-up and decided that it was too risky to go. On the up side, I did some organizing in the studio when I got home! Maybe next week I will get to come.