Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Coming Right Along

2 February 2016
Here you go!

What a difference between last week and this week.

Of course it won't stay empty for long.  We're having bookshelves made for our library.

26 January 2016

2 February 2016

The kitchen area is also starting to look better.  That's the old cabinets that used to be behind the looms.  They now form the island in the kitchen.

19 January 2016

  Irene and Polly are getting the table looms ready for the visiting high school art class on Monday.  Our new weavers, Kayla and Cayce are hard at work on table looms, too.
  Meet Kayla, our newest weaver!!!!
***That stack of purses on the table are the result of Pat's
hard work!!!!

And, speaking of Pat....here she is helping Lanny cut more strips for Carl.  This time it is a huge piece of plaid flannel.

  I also passed along the word that she'll need to wind a new warp for Carl in the near future.  He's getting close to the end, again!

  You can just barely see LaDonna and Sharon working on their looms.

  Sharen and Linda swapped "snowed-in" stories.  Sharen's house is on the lake, and they got a lot of snow up there.  Linda was in the D.C. area when the last storm blew through....she had some great stories of her adventure!

  Yep...this is ME....hiding from the mountain of heddles that needed to be added to Big Bertha.  I think I finished this afternoon.  But, I want to double check harnesses 4 & 5 before I start threading next week.

Yes....it's all coming right along!

Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Ugh, adding heddles. Save the black strapping tape that comes on some heavy items if you can and slide the heddles right onto it. Easy way to store them or move them. Saving old heddle bars is another.
Looks like productive times at the Tuesdays Weavers! Is that a harvest gold fridge? ;-)

Tina J said...

That kitchen space is looking so good, I can't wait to see it when it is complete!