Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ticking off 2 Boxes

Fall 2014, My daughter and I went to SAFF.  We had so much fun, and bought so much fiber to spin, at least I did.  One of the things I did buy was 2 Coated Corriedale fleeces that were almost identical. They were both in shades of grey, from palest grey to medium grey.  I washed them both right away that fall and I did some experimenting, trying to find the best way to prep this fiber.  In the end I found that I liked it prepped as combed top.

I began working on it in my spare time.  I found that some of the fleece wasn't clean enough and I had to rewash that part.  I then did a few sample spins and I really loved it no matter how I spun it up!  The last couple of years have been a bit busy in other parts of my life, so that it wasn't until this week that I finally finished combing the Corriedale fleeces..

 I am in the middle of another project right now or I would be spinning this up right away!  I have been vacillating back and forth about how I want to spin  this yarn, and I am not entirely sure.

I could mix and match from the very beginning, I could spin 3 or 4 different colors of  yarn and use it that way.  I could spin up all the singles and then ply the different colors together to make multi grey tonal yarn  I could also spin a gradient.  Anyway you get the idea, I haven't made up my mind yet.

To get an idea of how much fiber this is, it all fit comfortably in two big plastic tubs.
A couple of weeks ago, I was stash diving and I found a skein of red yarn that was just asking to be a hat for my MIL.  I cast on right away, but it took until today for my to finish it.

This photo was taken before I washed and blocked the hat, which I have now done.  Once it is dry, I will insert another picture, so that you can see just how nicely it turned out.

That is if for today,

 until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina

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LA said...

It's hard to believe there are so many shades of color in one fleece!!! How lovely.