Monday, December 14, 2015

Another Blustery Day

It's another blustery, rainy day here. A front is coming through and by the end of the week, it'll be freezing here again, at least at night!
A perfect day to weave, I've got about 30 inches left on the chocolate brown warp. It's not gray at all, just shades of brown. There are 7 pieces on this warp. One is an order. So, I'm starting production for next year. Each piece will end up a bit different.
I think I mentioned that we spent last winter emptying my in laws home. Many boxes ended up here, just waiting for me to find the time to go through them and decide what to keep and what to find homes for. I have organized part of it in sections in the living room. It's a bunch of things my mother in law collected for her sewing studio.
Here's an example. 
Notice the top left box is just contains needles for her sewing machine. Who needs every possible twin needle or wing needle? She had plans for all of them, I'm sure but never got to it. I won't have to buy a regular needle for my machines either. There are plenty.  Bottom box has measuring tapes and tons on pins. I'm keeping a few but most will be passed on to friends for Christmas. This is just a couple of boxes from the pile that's here.
My goal is to go through these boxes at least by Christmas. What do I want to keep? What can Tuesday Weavers use and who can use what's left? There are buttons, ribbons, trims, lace...every piece was carefully chosen for a project that never happened.
I guess a lot of people will eventually get to use the things she liked. Deciding and keeping just what I want is difficult because I have plans, too. My sister and I have been collecting fabrics and trims for a crazy quilt. I think there's enough for several. How does one choose between all the options? Maybe that's what my mother in law's problem was. Too many choices. I have narrowed my focus already, tho. I choose not to knit or spin. That clears a lot of things off the table. I quilt, crochet, embroider and weave. I put projects together in containers. That's helping me as I go through these boxes.
Wish me luck!
Until next week, keep weaving as you can!

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Tina J said...

Maybe that's why I don't sew!