Thursday, December 17, 2015

Just A Fly By

I came...
I used the lathe...
No....I'm not going down that rabbit hole!!!

  I had a great time at Arrowmont on Saturday in the holiday woodworking class.  I am amazed that you can turn a rectangle of wood into a cylinder or a bowl.  I have a greater respect for folks that are woodworkers, believe me!

  Can I also say that I got a little scared using those tools on the lathe???

  I came home with two candle sticks, which I will show you next Thursday.  I'm going to use them on the table for our family gathering.  I just need to locate my red candles in the Christmas decorations.  The bowl that is shown above did not get finished.....interesting technique....I was just over it at this point.  I'm a "process" person versus a "product" person. 

  I'm out the door with my to-do list.  I hope your list is getting shorter!!!
Happy Weaving!

1 comment:

Bonnie said...

Oh, my! I have watched that being done. It seems very tedious. Good for you for trying it.