Friday, December 11, 2015

Brights and Dark

 The long bright color repeats of the Finn singles on the left would have been muddied had I plied it onto itself.  To keep the colors clear and to  get a good amount of yarn, I decided to ply it with some grey Corriedale that I had on hand.
I plan to spin a another skein of solid grey to use with this marled skein.  I think it will make a breathtaking shawl for next years shows.   I plan to mix the two skeins in the warp and weave with the solid grey.

I will be planning next how I want to blend them in the warp to show off the long color repeats of the bright colors  that I have worked so hard to preserve.

Until next time, Happy Crafting, Tina 


LA said...

The gray really tones down the bright colors....lovely yarn!!!

Theresa said...

Lovely Tina! I am so enjoying my spinning time these days, and looking forward to doing a little weaving with my handspun. Thank you for the inspiration.

Sharon said...

Please post your results. I'd love to see what you decide and how you use these skeins.