Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pay The Piper

  You may remember that I bogarted my niece's placemats last year at the family gathering.  I cut the weft from those horrible early examples of my weaving and stored the "neatly" wrapped balls to reuse for the replacement placemats.

That day has arrived.
Those fabric balls are making me pay....big time!

  They have been tightly wound, and they do not want to be nice, crisp little strips.

Even with my new steam iron, this has been a major challenge! 
  I even tried dropping the balls from the stair landing to try and get the twist out of them.  That helped a little bit....but, this is turning out to be a labor intensive undertaking!

Oh, good deed goes unpunished!

  The results are worth it, I think.  And, thanks to all the placemat practice I got earlier in the year, they weave up rather quickly (once I have the weft ready to go!)
  I'm using a modified Ellen's Pattern adjusted for a 15" width.  You can see in the picture that the warp threads are crammed and spaced.  It just adds a layer of texture to the placemats.

I hope your holiday projects are coming along nicely!
Happy Weaving!


Theresa said...

Oh those will be so pretty! And hats off to you for the save on that fabric. I have to be honest, rag weaving of any kind is not a favorite of mine but I sure do appreciate someone else's endeavors doing it.

Tina J said...