Monday, December 21, 2015

Looking White Here!

It's not snow. It's the warps on my looms right now. Months ago I wound an Ellen's pattern warp on Thelma. Poor thing just sat there til the fall rush was done and I'm trying to weave her off. I cut off 6 placemats the other day. A set of 4 for a wedding gift from November and a couple for a Christmas gift. So, she's tied up again now and I plan to weave her off in the next week or so. There are probably 18 more placemats on there. I like to be ahead on wedding gifts. They're perfect for any china!
My Nilus just had a warp wound on this morning. It's bamboo. I got to thinking that instead of selling just painted vests in bamboo, it might be fun to have some neutral as well. Plus, these would be cheaper since I won't be dyeing them. We'll see how they do.
The struggle in the living room continues. I thought I had all the notions taken care of but then I found 2 more boxes....more needles, pins, measuring tapes, color wheels, but also some new interesting things. 
I don't know where the time goes! I have these long lists of things I want to finish but then I get interrupted by distractions, many of my own making! The boxes get a bit discouraging in their quantity and contents. Remember, I just brought the good stuff home! This week promises to be more of the same.
Hopefully by next Monday, I'll have at least the bamboo warp off and the living room looking like more of a room and not a storage unit! The weather is cooperating as far as keeping me inside. It's raining again this morning. Another dreary day with promises of rain all week.
Could be worse. Could be snow! Glad it's not!!
Til next week, find some time to throw a shuttle or two!
Merry Christmas!!

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Merry Christmas Carol!