Friday, December 4, 2015

New to Me

It has been a few busy weeks here on the "Farm".  My husband had shoulder surgery a couple of weeks ago, and I decided that it was a good time to have a roaring sinus infection at the same time.  (Not a good idea!)  That was last week, and this week, our out of town daughter is visiting with her son, and last night there was a huge dinner that involved 300lbs of turkey, and 1200 pieces of dessert.  Not the most restful post op weeks and not the most productive crafting weeks either.

Now that the big dinner is over,  (we didn't even set our alarms for this morning) the plan is to really really slow down and rest.  Our daughter will be in town just a few more days, but we will be able to focus just on them, and nothing else.

Before this all started, I had bought myself a 60th birthday present.  (I was hoping I would have some time during these last 2 weeks to play with it! HA!)   This is something that I am really surprised that I wanted in the first place.  It is in keeping with my new resolve of late to not have equipment around that I don't use.  

I started the year with 7 spinning wheels, I now have 4, (including the new electric spinner, yes, that's what I said!) plus one in the box awaiting shipment to it's new owner.  The last wheel that I will sell, is going to get some minor repairs, before it goes on the market.  The plan is to have a fast wheel for wool, the Canadian Production Wheel, a slow wheel for flax and to take to the Museum of Appalachia for demos, the Mayville/ Fell, and the electric spinner to ply on (because it has big bobbins), and spin as well.

The new acquisition, is a "new to me" Hansen Minispinner.  We are just getting to know each other right now.   I have plied a 842 yd skein of 3ply lace wt that was waiting for it.  I wanted to see how much I could get on that huge bobbin, there was room for more!  I have a 4 oz braid of Finn that I am spinning  this week.  With the weeks we have had, I am not even 1/2 way through the braid, but I am getting used to this new fangled machine.  It is quiet, and easy to use, and has the hugest bobbins you have ever seen!  Other than that there is nothing crafty to post about, so I will sign off for now.

Until next week, Happy Crafting, Tina

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LA said...

You've had a busy time! Love the mini-spinner!