Tuesday, June 30, 2015

  Walking into the Studio today was just like coming home! 
  The parking lot was full of cars, so I knew that I would be seeing lots of weavers...and I was right.  Carol, Linda, Sharon and our leader, Carol, were busy looking at some of the new books that Carol found at the Mid-West Weavers Conference.

  My favorite Ladies were at their looms...Roz, Bonnie and Shirley were hard at work.  (I can see that Roz got the tangles out of her warp and has started threading those placemats.)

  Carol actually got a chance to look over some of her new books.....there's usually so much going on that she ends up going from one group to another!
  Christy started cutting some of the wool strips for Carl while Ms. Ila got her bobbins wound for today.

  Thank you for getting all of that done, Christy.  Those strips will look great with the warp on Carl's loom.   (Yes, yes....it's a thankless job, but someone has to do it!!!  LOL)

  Sharon brought her placemats to serge...they do make a neat edge for hemming!  After getting it re-threaded, she was off and running!!!

Tina has undertaken the repair job on one of the coverlets that Maggie wove.  (She wove 4 of them!!!)

  She started out at the big table where she could spread it out.  Pat took over the job of cutting up the blue jeans that had been donated to the weavers. 

  Lanny has the warp tied back on Big Bertha, and he's ready to start weaving.  We'll have some new throws soon!  As usual, Carl is holding down the fort on the barn loom....more rugs for the fall sales!

  And, what's a Tuesday without someone being UNDER a loom?  Marie and Jocelyn were tag-teaming those treadles!!!!

Frieda has been planning her next project....she got the warp wound this afternoon.  Sharon and Barb just kept on weaving!

Harriet just can't get enough Dye Days in her schedule, so she has been experimenting  with dyeing at home.  She just might be having too much fun!

Lanny brought his newest wool/silk scarf to Share....it is just too yummy!!!

  We were glad to see our friend from the Crossville Weavers' Guild today!  You know you are welcome any time!!!!

NOW....we need your help again!!!

Does anyone know what this is????

It came in as a donation to the Center, and none of us know what it could be!
  The dowels do not come out of the bar.

Now, back to business:  since Carol and Marie will be out of town next week, they have requested that we wait and have our NAPKIN unveiling the 14th, so they can be part of the excitement.  It was decided that we will have a Sandwich potluck on the 14th, too,....kinda like a picnic!!!!  Awwww......the anticipation builds!!!!!

Happy Weaving!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, LouAnn, for the helping hand threading that crazy serger. Worked like a charm when you finished. Sharen