Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Up Close

I'm subbing in for Lou Ann today, and I thought I would give you an up close view of what is happening in the studio today.

Carl and I got to the center a few minutes early today, and the consultations were already in full swing.  I got in line because I too had a question to ask Carol, our fearless leader.

Before long the weavers were coming and the looms were being opened up for the day.  I quickly went around and snapped pictures of the projects on the looms.

As I was snapping pictures, I was sure I would be able to remember
 who was weaving on what, but alas, I was mistaken.  Some of the pieces I will be able to tell you and others not.  This is a hand dyed bamboo scarf if I am not mistaken.
 This is a blue Jean rug that Carl is weaving on the big old barn loom, with blue jeans as the weft.
 Here is Christy's latest project on her inkle loom.
 Here is a shawlthat laDonna is working on with her rigid heddle loom, with some fun yarn.

Here is another hand dyed bamboo scarf.  The girls in the peanut
gallery are really working hard on these.
 Barb has this project on her Cricket loom she brought from home.
 This one I know for sure!  This is an overshot baby blanket in 8/4. that is now off the loom!  Lanny is going to take the big loom over and free me up to help Carol and Marie do all the troubleshooting that has to happen on a weekly basis!
 Here is a lovely black cotton 8/4 warp that  Darlene  is working on, the weft is dyed gauze.
 Sharon is weaving a custom order of placemats,
Roz and Frieda worked all day getting this hand dyed placemat warp on the loom.
 This is a hand dyed scarf, I think it is bamboo, but I am not sure, Harriet is this one yours?
 Another hand dyed warp
Now we are looking at an 8/4 cotton warp in multi colors and a wool weft, that Betsy is working on.

As you can see there are many and varied projects going on at any one time.  They are as varied as the looms are that we weave on, and as different as the many weavers that come each and every Tuesday, to talk and laugh and share weaving secrets, and who knows what all else,  wouldn't you love to be a fly on the wall?!

I missed most of Carols presentation of the class she took, I am sure she will do a blog post or 2 about her trip in the coming weeks.  Several of us were at Kids camp in Norris fixing the looms we had sent over for the kids to work on.

That is about all I have for now, See you next week!  Tina for All!

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LA said...

Did those looms mess up again???? Great post, Tina!