Monday, June 1, 2015


I am definitely not the best photographer. In fact, half the time, I don't have my camera handy or my cell phone when things happen that would be great to put on the blog.
For example, Saturday morning we drove down the driveway to our road. As we stopped to check for traffic before merging onto the street, we noticed a turkey sitting on the side of the road. She didn't look normal. It was like she might be injured. Then she noticed us and stood up. At least 6 little turkeys came out from under her "skirt" that she had fluffed over them to keep them warm. How cool is that? I wish I'd gotten a picture. Later, as we were coming back home, we noticed her sitting on a pile of dirt in a neighbor's yard with a baby perched on her back. No camera. Plus, if we had, she'd have moved before we got the camera into position! I guess that's what our memories are for, to remember images of nature that are special. DH keeps threatening to bring a trail of corn up the driveway with signs pointing to our meadow where they could enjoy a feast! I'm not sure how many turkeys we actually have in the neighborhood but the ones that are here seem to be quite content and not terribly put out by the vehicles that go by them each day.

However, I did manage to focus my camera enough to take a picture of the second orchid to bloom in my window. I am thrilled that they seem to like the light there plus I water them sporadically and always with african violet food. Must be doing the trick!! 
 Weaving continues with some fun combinations. I think I posted a few weeks ago about getting a stash of accent yarn from a shop in a huge sale. Well, I love to figure out warps with them. This one has the main color of royal blue but I've pulled in colors from the accent to give it some oomph.
 The variegated accent gives the fabric movement. I'm sure there are cameras out there that give you the true vibrancy of the color in the warp but mine's not like that. Just imagine these warps with more life to them than the pictures show.
 This one's on the loom now. Different accent yarn and purple for the main color.
 More yellow in this one but also the pink, blue and yellow. I'm enjoying weaving these colors.
Hope to get this warp done in the next couple of days depending on what else I have to do.
In less than 2 weeks, it's off to Midwest Weavers Conference for me so I have a long list of things to do before that happens. It'll be interesting to see how much gets done. Weaving continues to be at the top of the list.
Maybe it's a good thing that today is a dreary, rainy kind of day again!!!
Until next week, keep weaving!


LA said...

I'm glad you took an extra minute to watch the momma turkey...what a lovely surprise!!! They seem to know that some folks mean them no harm. Great warps!

Bonnie said...

Beautiful fabric.

erin said...

I'm inspired by your beautiful color choices!