Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Just Getting It Done

  Just look what you missed by not being with us today!!!
  Ms. Ila made us a Cream Cheese Butter Cake with Lime Glaze.....maybe there was one teeny-weeny piece left after lunch.

  But, you can see she had the girls working early this morning.  Bonnie is threading and Shirley is weaving away on the scarf warp.

Frieda got the ball winder set up with the swift to wind the skeins of yarn that were dyed in May.    Tina was hard at work on a special project.

  Linda brought her rigid heddle to weave on at the Center, while Betsy got busy with the scarf warp.  Roz is threading a new placemat warp from Dye Day, too.

  Sharon's scarf warp is going very well!!!

Lanny delivered the hemmed towels he wove on the little Macomber.  They will get tagged and sent upstairs to the shop.

  Molly had a broken warp thread....oh, no!!!  She got it fixed and she was back to weaving on the towel warp.

Finally, it looks like Marie is going to get to weave on her napkin warp.

...uh, oh!

There was a problem with the first harness staying down.  After checking all the things we could think of, it was finally decided that the threads needed to go between the two beams on the back.  That meant that they needed to take the outside beam off the loom and  let the threads ease onto the inside beam.  Great minds................

  Harriet is going to take over the placemat warp on the little Leclerc.  She and Sharon tied the warp onto the front bar, and she should be ready to start next week.

  Carol got a break in tagging items for the shop, and spent some time with Carl.  You can just see the backside of the latest blue jean rug!

  Placemats and towels will be going upstairs to the shop this afternoon!  (These are the Hollywood placemats that Pat brought in last week.)
  Don't you just love all the activity in our little weaving studio!!!!  Weavers just getting it done!

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Ok, Miss Ila. I could just taste that cake. Looked good. You haven't shown your project in awhile, LouAnn. Whats you makin? I bet the buzz was going round.

steel breeze said...

If I lived close enough I'd be there with you! Looks like such fun!

Theresa said...

Yep, I wondered about that Macomber back beam too when I did my first warp and ran the warp between the two beams. Whew! That cake looked awesome but I bet it tasted even better.