Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What's Going On Here????

  Remove the knots from the front bream and unroll the scarf.

  The handy-dandy clips from Dollar Tree and a little shelf liner will hold the scarf on the front beam.  Then you can tighten the tension.
   YES....it's all about the scarves on our Rigid Heddle looms!!!!

  Now you are ready to start weaving in the ends from the end of the scarf.

  Karin had a little more weaving to finish on her scarf before she was ready to make the turn.
  Dan got right to work on Pat's scarf (she had grandmother duties today, so Dan got to take her place.)

This older rigid heddle loom that Molly is using has presented some challenges in weaving, but Molly has pressed onward! 
  Linda got right to work on her scarf and quickly got the warp woven in.

Betsy, Linda L. and Ms. Ila got right to work on their scarves, too.  Those clips really do the job!  (Great idea, Marie!!!!)

 The guys stayed busy, too! 
Ray has come back to weave with us, and he's right at home on the Rocker Loom.  Meanwhile, Lanny entertained Carl while he wove the ends in on his scarf.

  Charlotte's cloth beam was getting really full, so it was time to cut off the mug rugs that she had woven.  There were 7!

  Tina got her throw finished, and decided to cut it off so it could be finished for Homecoming.  This was also a good time to show how we weave in the sticks so that we don't have to retie all those threads!!!

We're Done!!!!

Here's Betsy's scarf on the left.

Linda L. wanted a close up of her scarf to show off the lovely colors.

Bonnie's colors really popped in the sunlight.  It reminds me of the colors of the peacocks at the Museum.

Linda B.  got her scarf finished, too.  She'll trim it up after it has a bath.

  Sharon and Karin modeled their finished scarves, also.

Yes....this is the money shot!!!!

Carl wove in his warp threads, and it's done!!!!

Thank you, Marie, for leading us in this weaving project.    I can't wait to try this out!

Next week, we'll be back to our looms!

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Great job everybody. Beautiful scarves. Shows everybody's different taste.

Maggie said...

Cute, cute, cute! Those are going to look great in the booth!