Saturday, September 27, 2014

Crunch Time!

I stopped by Lou Ann's house yesterday for us to swap fittings.  She had my Chemise done and on the hanger, and I needed to try on the apron so that she could see how long the straps need to be.  I had taken my skirt with me so that we could get the full affect, I am glad I did!  It really is going to be fun to be in more period clothing this Homecoming at the Museum of Appalachia!

For my part in the costume making, I had 3 samples of the very top portion of the stockings for Lou Ann to try on.  Luckily, our knees are at the same height so I just needed to know what gauge to use to get the right fit for comfort.  More on that in another post at some time in the near future, like when I get enough knitted to have something to show!

On the home front, I am busily weaving up my handspun on the rigid heddle!  I have 5 finished scarves, including 3 that have not been fulled yet.  The lastest one has stripes, because I was short an ounce of the yarn I wanted to use.  I added in a few stripes of a darker color, and I am pleased with it!

I went thru the handspun stash yesterday, and picked out all the yarns that I thought would make good scarves.  The skeins have to be about 400 yards and soft as can be.  If I can get this all woven up before the shows, my stash is going to be decimated!  Shucks, I guess that means I will have to spin some more to replenish it!

Scarf possibilities
The yarn on top is from a fleece that I have posted about in the past, either here or on my blog.  It is a Romney fleece that I thought I had ruined in the wash, but I was able to use my hand combs and salvage quite a bit of lovely silvery yarn.   I started to think again about my costume and remembered that I did not have a suitable shawl in case the weather turns colder, which it can sometimes do.  This yarn would make, I thought, a lovely shawl!

I was in the middle of warping the shawl, taking up much of the living room, since I had to turn the table across the room to get the 4 yards measured out, when the phone rang.  My MIL wanted to go out to lunch!  I quickly agreed to pick her up, then I texted Dear One to warn him about the obstruction he would find in the livingroom should he happen to come home and  need to get to the computer!  Lunch was lovely, and something I really needed, I was hungrier than I thought I was.  It is easy for me to get  working on something, and before you know it is well past time to eat something.

Back home again, I finished getting the warp on the loom.  This time I warped the whole 24 inches across, and I put a good dent in that silvery yarn!  I should have enough left when I am done with the shawl to make a scarf or two.  I am finally beginning to estimate a little better just how much yarn I need.  It is better to add the different yarn in the warp, if you think you are going to run out, than in the weft.  That way it looks like you planned it!

Silver Romney Shawl
I wish you could see the shine!

 Only 2 weeks to go before the Homecomeing,  I am pleased that I have found something that I can do to bring a different unique product to the shelves at our shows, I just wish I had thought about it a little earlier in the year!  I have many scarves to weave, finish, inventory and tag before I am done!  Crunch time!

Until next time, Happy Spinning, Knitting and Weaving, Tina

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