Tuesday, September 23, 2014


  More scarves were woven over the last few days....in fact, Betsy even figured out the "checker board" scarf in her team colors.  (You can barely see it on the table....sorry, Betsy!)  We'll have a bunch to put up in the shop and take to the Fall sales!

  In fact, Carol spent a large part of today entering all the new items on her master list.  I think she liked her surprise.....but, she's also mad at us for doing it while she was gone!!!!
  Now, she wants to try one, too!
  There were also rugs, dishtowels and book marks to put on the inventory list.

And, finally, Charlotte gets to start her weaving lessons!!!!  One thing about it, she already knows how the table looms work and she's very good at hemstitching!!!

  Today, she also found out about TANGLES!  Yes....they happen!

  That's her warp on the board behind them.  She'll be winding on and threading next week!!!

Ray was back with us this week....he's just weaving away on the Rocker Loom.  I'm sure he thinks we're all just a little bit loony...or maybe just loomy.

  Thank goodness he has Carl just to the left of him.  I wonder if they just look at each other from time to time and shake their heads.

Marie was upstairs in the shop and said it sounded like we were having a party in the studio!!!   Imagine that!  Folks having fun!

Linda has been following Tina's blog concerning our 18th Century costumes, and brought this short gown and skirt for Tina!  (And, she actually ASKED me to take a picture of her backside!)  Isn't that a great outfit?  Now, I have to get busy with that chemise!

  Christy was warping her Inkle loom for more book marks today, which was a great opportunity for some of our weavers to learn how it is done.

Marie showed Roz how to make the cross on the mobius scarf on her rigid heddle project.  Sometimes the challenge is to keep the even beat!

I just love how we share what we know with each other!!!

Betsy will be adding these towels to Carol's inventory list very soon!  She cut off 5 or 6 towels that will need hemming this week.

 Uh-oh....I almost forgot to show you what Shirley brought back from her trip!!!  Yes....more 8/4 from Great Northern!!!  We sure go through that yarn!  How lucky for us that she could pick it up when she went to visit her family.  It saves us some big $$ on shipping!

  We spent a little time today talking about the upcoming Fall Homecoming at the Museum of Appalachia.  Tina and I will be there all four days spinning and weaving, and our fellow weavers will man the booth.  That also means they'll have that great fireplace in the Peter's Cabin for those cool Fall mornings!  We'll all be looking at what we have in inventory to put in the booth.  It's always fun!

Happy Weaving!!!


Bonnie said...

What fun you are having. Glad Carol made it back safe and sound.

Theresa said...

I have a fair amount of 8/4 cotton to weave up, suggestions for a good non-rug bit of weaving?
I might have settled on a herringbone and basket weave pattern for placemats. Any other suggestions from the experts at Tuesday Weavers?