Monday, September 8, 2014

North of the border

It's been quite the time up here in Moose Jaw.  I didn't write last week because my Mom was in the hospital. It was not a good time for her but she got  an  infection and we had to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital. She was glad to have both daughters home. She is still weak and they changed a lot of her meds again which should help.
We got some pictures of the four generations. Little Anna is a much loved baby. 
Mom came home Saturday afternoon so I was able to finish binding the quilt. Check that off my list!!

I got my sister to hold the quilt for the picture....Zorro and Bear had fun! She has kept two of the kittens. They are 4 months old now and getting bigger. Zorro is quite large with a really bushy tail. Bear is smaller and more delicate. Hard to see they were from the same litter. The other two kittens look a lot like Zorro. My nephew in Winnipeg came to adopt Fluff and Didgit.

So, I'm going to be here another week or so before heading back south. 
On a side note, it's snowing in Edmonton which is in line with where I'm going later this week. It should be warmer by then but frost is close and we've been bringing stuff in from the garden already. Hard to believe that it's close to 90 degrees back home.
This trip hasn't been quite like planned but we're glad Mom was well enough to come back home again.
Again, I'm using my iPad to write this and the print is different colors for some reason. We'll see how it prints out!
Until next week, keep weaving for me!!!


LA said...

What a great picture of the FOUR!!! I'm glad your Mom is feeling better. Have fun!

Bonnie said...

Glad you mom is doing better. Anne will treasure that picture of four generations, when she grows up.