Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Something Old, Something New

  One of the advantages of weaving with a group is that someone is always willing to share what they know.  Since we have quite a stash of specialty yarns stored out in the Annex, we thought we would dedicate a day to reduce that stash!
  Marie offered to be our guru, and guide us in making a mobius scarf on rigid heddle looms...and today was the day!!!
  Rigid Heddle Looms were brought in, and yarns were hauled in from the Annex.  Then the fun started as people started choosing four or five yarns that they liked for their scarf.

   Some of the looms were on stands, so they found spots  to set up their looms.  Long tables were arranged for the looms that would be clamped.  We used raddles instead of a warping peg....just one of the little tips that we have found helpful.

  There was a lot of team work at play....it sure makes the work go quickly!

Even the kitchen space was put to work to warp the looms.

Before we knew it, we were winding on the beautiful warps that we had created.

Once it is wound on the loom, you get it tied, and then you're ready to weave.  Marie had us skip the first 12 inches that will be used to weave in at the end of the scarf.

  Pat and Carl had their looms set up on the same table and shared the same raddle. 

  LaDonna had already warped her rigid heddle, and she was ready to start weaving after she skipped the beginning 12 inches.

  Each warp was so different....I can't wait to see the finished scarves!

Everyone got their warps  wound on by this afternoon.

Molly was able to use one of the old RH looms that had been donated to the Center.  Of course, that also meant she had to use finer yarns since the DPI was greater on that heddle. 
  Then the sampling started to choose the best weft for each warp.  Sometimes it was a group decision!
  We were hoping that we used up LOTS of the yarn from our stash, but we still had a lot to carry back out to the Annex.  Oh well....I guess we'll have to do more scarves!
  Next week we will learn how to turn the warp and weave the ends back.  And, I know where you can get more yarn for more scarves...............

Happy Weaving!


Bonnie said...

Wish that I could have been there. I would love to do that. Maybe Marie could come here and teach me how.

Theresa said...

Oh, I can't wait to see them either and scarf weather is just around the corner too!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see everyone on a Ridged Heddle. That was my first weaving loom. Still have it and love to use it with knitting yarns. Happy Weaving! Sharen