Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Finishing and Starting

   Scarves soon covered the table as the weavers arrived at the Center this morning!  Each one was unique, and we had a lively discussion on finishing techniques.

  Chenille is a case in point:  Pat sat and worked on her scarf to keep those chenille worms in place!

With the scarf project at an end, the weavers went back to their looms.  Ms. Ila was busy winding on a new warp on the Mighty Wolf.

Betsy and Margi were back to weaving on their warps:  thirsty towels and placemats will soon be at the Fall sales.
  Linda was working on her newest rug while Sharon added to our placemat inventory.

Christy was busy this morning warping her Inkle loom for another run of bookmarks.  Karin was weaving off her scarf on her Cricket loom (she was going to loan her loom to Betsy.)  As you can see, Karin finished weaving it this afternoon.

  Lanny brought his newest scarf to share with us today.  It's Jager spun wool in a Scottish tweed pattern.
  He'll get back to winding more thread for his towel warp next week.

  Marie and Tina have been doing their homework!  The Macomber has a third beam that accommodates metal bobbins.  Along with the loom, we also got a Mason reel winder to use with the bobbins.
  Marie did all the math and ordered the 8/2 on half pound  cones.  Then, it was team work in action!!!!  They got 3 of the bobbins wound with 20 yards of thread each.  Next week they'll get the rest wound, and then Marie can thread the loom for another run of towels.

  It seems we are always finishing up one thing, and starting something new.
Happy Weaving!

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Theresa said...

Impressive as always. I want to see that set up with the Macomber. Wow!!!