Thursday, September 25, 2014

I'm On A Roll

  Just a short blog today....I'm right in the middle of the BIG project!  That's Tina's chemise on the serger; I'm almost ready to take it to the sewing machine to put in the casings at the top and sleeves.  (I'm going to do a quick try-on to see if I'm in the ballpark on sizing.) 
  I ended up putting up a table in the office so I could spread out the fabric--10 yards of unbleached muslin was just too much to fight in my sewing area!  Also, I've gotten a chance to reacquaint myself with my sergers!  They have really been neglected lately!  I decided to go with the 4 thread for right now while I read some more in the manual for the 5 thread.  

  I've also been pre-washing fabric for our "aprons" that Tina & I wanted for the Museum.  It just so happens that I had a burgundy stripe that will go with her "new" skirt!  That's on the agenda today, too.
  I want to have these ready to go since Tina is coming for a fitting tomorrow.  And, I hear that our stockings are ready for a pre-fitting, too.  Guess I'll have to shave my legs................
  OK....back to the office!
Enjoy your beautiful Fall day!
Happy Weaving!

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