Thursday, August 14, 2014

Work In Progress

  I've made an effort the last few days to plan for the Fall sales.  I DID get the mug rug warp on Cutty Pup.....and if I weave at least one a day, I'll have a nice stack to take to Homecoming in October.  That might mean that I'll be putting on a new warp before then, too.  (I think this warp is 4 yards....but, I'm not sure since it was wound last year.)

  Most of my spare time was taken with getting the strips joined and loaded on the shuttles for this Saturday.  I have noticed that a full shuttle weaves about 9 inches, so six full shuttles puts my rugs right in the target length of 48 inches.  For this rug, I've planned for a pattern in the middle using a mid-weight decorator fabric along with the denim strips.  I have one more shuttle to fill!
  They are expecting between 500-800 folks for the W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery show.  They are starting at 7 a.m.--I'll be in place by 9 o'clock!!! 
  I'm looking forward to seeing Vickie--I met her at a Museum event last Fall.  She and her husband are driving in from North Carolina for the Knife Show, and we have been in contact on Facebook.  We'll be talking weaving while her husband talks knives with his friends!!!!

  Last Friday was a rainy, overcast day at the Museum.  When I arrived, all the peafowls with their chicks were perching on the railing outside the Gift Shop.  I guess they didn't want to get their wee feet wet!  They hopped down as I went past!

  The lambs were grazing everywhere!!!  I'm not so sure they were supposed to be by the Loom House, but I enjoyed the company.
  I got this great shot of one of the rams....just look at those horns!!!!!

  I was able to finish off the newest rug, and get the header woven in for the new rug I'll start on Saturday. 

  The girls have been supervising my work in bedroom make-over.  When I get a chance, I want to mount the quilt hanger on the wall--then Aunt Grace's quilt will be out of harm's way.  (They are cats, after all!!!)

  Just a note:  I finished Written In My Own Heart's Blood.  I had that same feeling of being parted from my friends that I had in all the previous books.  The good news is that the series on Starz will give me a chance to visit with the characters each week until the newest book is ready.  It's a work in progress......

Happy Weaving!


Maggie said...

What a cute picture of the girls! My boys never cuddle like that.

Pamela Kicklighter said...

Where is your loom room? I love it!

Sue Litman said...

LouAnn, are you the weaving lady my husband I spoke with today at the Knife Show? Whoever she was, it was the highlight of my trip there. We did go to the Tuesday Weavers location and loved seeing all the projects on the looms. I am going to follow this group! Thanks