Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wish You Were Here!

We missed you today
Carol, Bonnie M. & Cindy

  Ms. Ila made us cupcakes.....and you missed it!  Chocolate cupcakes with creme de menthe icing!
We just wanted you to know that we were thinking about YOU!

  Carl cut the strips for his next blue jean rug.  Can you see Lanny's fingers?  He's winding four threads at a time on his newest warp.

Molly got back to work on her scarf warp.  She's weaving a pattern from Davison.  Sharon has gotten really good at hemstitching, but I don't think it's her favorite part of weaving!

TEAM WORK!!!!  The ladies worked together to get the new scarf warp on Shirley's loom.  Ms. Ila had a new shawl warp she was putting on the Mighty Wolf.

Linda repaired the broken thread on her warp, and she's ready to start a new rug.

Betsy finished the red, white and blue towel, and has started the newest one.

  Pat ducked out of sight just as I took this picture!  But, the ladies spent the day cleaning out the closet and then worked in the Annex.  Marie, Pat and Tina did a great job getting bags of donations off of the floor and put away.
  Next week Marie will be leading us in a mini-workshop on our rigid heddle looms.  We're going to use up some of the speciality yarns in the Annex to make scarves for the Fall sales.  We'll be warping our rigid heddles for a Mobius Cowl Scarf, which we'll weave at home during the week.  Then, we'll all learn how to turn the warp and weave the ends back through.
  So, TW's:  remember to bring your rigid heddle loom next week!!!!!  
  This will be a WIN-WIN.....learn a new way to weave and increase our stock for the sale!

Happy Weaving!

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Bonnie said...

I do love Ms Ila's cup cakes. Miss you guys.