Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Loom With A View

This is one of my favorite views:  from the rocker beater loom at the Museum of Appalachia.  This was last Saturday during the Case Knife Show at the Museum.  Although most folks were there for the knife show, I had a steady stream of people through the Loom House.  My friend Vickie came from North Carolina, and we had a lively on-going conversation about early looms and the weaving that was done on the "frontier".  After all, East Tennessee and western North Carolina were once the hot bed of the expansion westward.
  Sue left a comment after Saturday's visit to the Loom House, and I'm glad she found our blog and the Appalachia Arts Craft Center.  There's a whole lot of weaving going on around here!
  Whether I'm in the Loom House or weaving on the Inkle Loom at the Peter's Cabin, the view here is always lovely.

   Pamela asked about my "loom room".....I just have to chuckle.  When I first started weaving and started acquiring more looms, I often joked that I was going for a loom in every room.  And, for awhile, it seemed that was the direction I was headed.  A few looms have come to me, and I've let them go to other weavers.  Some looms have found their way to me and stayed.  I'm really happy with the assortment I have now....the only new looms I've added in the last few years have been rigid heddle.  In the living room I have an 8 shaft Baby Wolf, an 8 shaft Schacht standard and John, my ever faithful rug loom.  I also have three Wolf Pups that are set up from time to time with short term projects.  The view while I'm weaving is overlooking the Green Belt, which from time to includes a doe and her fawns.  Sometimes, there is even a big buck that swings past.

I have a 4 shaft Mighty Wolf in my bedroom.  I can either look out to the screened porch or watch TV while I weave.  (I should say that I listen more than I watch!)  Sometimes I listen to a book on CD or just music.

  Ester, my great-grandmother's barn loom is in the downstairs den.  There's a rug warp on her right now.  I have two table looms stored down there, also.

   The mug rugs are coming right along on Cutty Pup.  I'm a little behind on my goal, but I may get caught up today.  Right now, I'm weaving two of each color.  The black warp really makes the colors pop.

  I love that the view is always changing as I weave on my looms.  During the winter, it's nice to have a fire going and watch it snow, and in the Fall, the leaves rain down all over the yard.  I can also indulge in my favorite series, such as Outlander and Downton Abbey.
  My looms wait for is good.
Enjoy the View!

Happy Weaving!


Tina J said...

Ooooh, your brave taking pictures of your looms! It would take me a couple of days to get the studio in shape for that!
I love the view from the loom house at the museum!

Theresa said...

Lovely! And how is the Outlander series?

Maggie said...

It's all beautiful! I was thinking about moving my looms to the back bedroom, but what about the view from the front!?! It's important to have something to gaze thoughtfully out to, isn't it?

Bonnie said...

The views are very important for happy weaving.