Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Many Hands......

......Make Short Work.
Take a look at our hands at work.

Charlotte is joining our group, and will begin "lessons" after Carol returns in September.  For right now, she's weaving some mug rugs on one of the Kid's Camp looms.  What a great way to start weaving!

  Both Marie and Caylie cut off their warps today.  Marie is already planning the next warp for that loom, and Caylie will start back to school next week.

   Of course, some of us are very tech savvy, so you'll see this, too, from time to time!!!!

Happy Weaving!


Marie Clingan said...

Louann I just love this presentation of our hands at work!
Thank you,

Tina J said...

I will be back to lend a hand next week, the grandkids will be back in school! It's been a great summer though.

Theresa said...

And oh what those many hands can do! Wow, that's a lot of warp on that mill! Pretty color!

msvos said...

What a wonderful, powerful post. Thank you, as always, for sharing those special Tuesdays with us.